By Bev

My advice to brides is to always look at your bridal makeup trial like a dress rehearsal.

You should be prepared, look the part and have all necessary props as if it was opening night or, in this case, the BIG DAY.

A perfect bridal makeup trial appointment informs me on how to create a flawless makeup look that  gives you the confidence you will look and feel exactly the way you’ve dreamed of on your wedding day.

For these two reasons, I just had to put together a list of my top Tips for a  Great Bridal Makeup Trial Experience.

1. Have Inspiration Photso

Search Pinterest & Instagram for images of makeup looks that you are drawn to or are good examples of the look you are envisioning for yourself.  Try to find to inspiration images that are similar to your skin tone, then  email them to me before your trial. At the beginning of your appointment,  we will go over the photos to Identify your likes and disliks about each photo. Do you like the lip color? OR Are you drawn to the blush color and highlight?

2. Go It Alone

Going alone will help you relax and have fun. the bridal trial is a private appointment, during this time I work best in a relaxed intimate environment so that we can connect. With all the best intentions in the world, too many people with different opinions –can be more of a hindrance than a help and turn a fun experience into a stressful and confusing one.

3. Allow Enough Time

A bridal trial will take up to 2.5 hours because it includes a consultation at the start and time for adjustments at the end. Schedule enough time so that you feel relaxed and can truly enjoy the experience.

4. Arrive ‘Wedding Day’ Groomed with a clean Face

You may find it difficult to see a full face of makeup with the rest of the picture completely undone or unfinished. Come to your appointment with your hair styled. Even better,  try to schedule your hair trial on the same day before your makeup trial. I often team up with hairstylist that I have worked previously so that we can do a joint makeup and hair trial. Definitely have your eyebrows done and take care of any other unwanted facial hair.  Flawless makeup starts with healthy skin. Consider starting a good skincare routine at least 1 month before your trial (do NOT introduce anything new close to your trial or wedding day). Arrive with a clean face or bring a face wash with you to remove any makeup you were wearing before your appointment.

5. Dress The Part

Ideally Wear a white top with an open neckline. No jumpers! I always recommend an off-the shoulder top but you can also wear a white tank top. You can even cut a white t-shirt to mimic the neckline of your dress. I need to see the skin tone of your neck and chest especially if your wedding gown has an open neckline. It is equally important for you to see how your makeup look will work with an open neckline similar to that of your dress.

6. Speak Up

Don’t be afraid to speak up. During the consultation, share what you like in the photos you provided. And if you can’t pinpoint exactly what you like, ask your artist what they see in each picture and let them know if those things are details you want incorporated in your look. Tell your artist the things you don’t like too! Draw on past experiences. Were you eyebrows filled in too much the last time you had your makeup professionally done? Do you hate the way pink lipstick looks on you?

7. Ask Questions

Use this one-on-one time to ask questions about steps you can follow or products you can purchase to get your skin wedding-day ready, get the names of products he/she uses so you can purchase them for “day of” touch ups , and ask any questions you may have about the “day of” schedule and/or experience.

8. Be Honest

Towards the end of your appointment, you will be given the opportunity to see the almost “finished look.” I will ask you what you think and if there is anything you’d like changed. Don’t be afraid to be honest. Makeup is very personal and will not be offended. By letting me know if there are aspects of the look you don’t like, you give them the opportunity to make adjustments so that you leave your appointment 100% satisfied with the final look.

9. Snap Pics

Allow your me to take lots of pics from every angle with my professional lighting.  Take lots of photos yourself for your own reference.

10. Do Your Homework

Take note on how your makeup wears throughout the day and send an e-mail to your makeup artist with any of your concerns. Did you get shiny in the t-zone after 3 hours? This feedback will help your artist make the necessary adjustments on your big day. Take any steps your artist recommends to get your skin wedding day ready.

All of these tips are meant to help you have the best experience in making your wedding day dreams a reality. Looking and feeling exactly the way you’ve dreamt about on your big day starts with the perfect trial appointment.

Hi, I'm Bev

Boasting over a decade of experience as a makeup artist, I specialise in natural and soft glam makeup looks, for all skin tones, including Black skin, mixed race and women of colour. 

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